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Volunteer Training Video

Frequently Asked Questions about Midday Move

How do I sign up?


  1. Create an account on the Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS)  Volunteer Portal .   To create your account, click on the green “volunteer now” tab.   That will take you to an orange “qualification needed” tab.”  Click there to set up an account.

  2. Initiate an easy, online background check from that same website.  It costs $8 and you will get your results in a day or two.  For volunteers who have completed 3 or more shifts, we have $10 gift cards to thank them for having to cover that cost (while our supply lasts).  The background check will work for any volunteer opportunity in MCPS and it lasts for 2 years.

  3. Once you get your background check results, go to this page of the website and find the  “Midday Movers” volunteer opportunity for whichever school you choose:  Russell, Hawthorne or Lowell).  Be sure to look for the words “Midday Movers.”

  4. Sign up for one or more shifts.  If you can only make it for 1 hour instead of the whole recess, that’s ok.  Just let Peggy know in an email (see next step).  We prefer if you can do 3 or more shifts, but it’s ok to just sign up for one to see if you like it.

  5. Email Peggy at   to let her know which school you chose and  the date of your first shift, so she can arrange for the volunteer supervisor for that school to meet you on your fist day to give you a brief orientation.  She’ll also send you a link to an 8-minute training video for you to watch before your first shift and one more easy form to fill out and sign electronically.  Please send your email at least a week before your first shift.  Thank you for stepping up to improve the health of Missoula kids!!!!!


Will I get a $10 gift card for having to pay for an $8 MCPS background check?

While supplies last, we will distribute $10 gift cards to volunteers who have completed at least 3 shifts.    Some employers may reimburse their employees who volunteer for Midday Move for the cost of the background check, instead.  All volunteers get a snazzy 5-2-1-0 neck buff to keep.


What training is available to Midday Move volunteers?

Currently we have an 8-minute training video for you to watch (see above).  Sometime during the fall of 2023, we will add a 10-minute video for those who commit to doing more than 3 shifts, as well as an informational flyer—both on serving students with disabilities.  Volunteers who do fewer shifts are also welcome to access those new items, of course. 


Do I have to sign in at the office every time?

YES!  Please sign in at the front office of the school every single time you volunteer.  Thank you.


Will I have to handle discipline issues?

You will not have to handle any major discipline issues, since both the regular playground duty aides and the volunteer supervisor will be present on the playground.  (On days when the volunteer supervisor is sick or on vacation, we will attempt to find a sub for them. Even if no sub is found, the playground duty aides will still be present.)  The 8-minute training video provides ideas for how to work with kids and how to manage some minor issues that may arise.


Is there special equipment for the Midday Move program?

Your volunteer supervisor may have a bag or container of special playground toys, including any adaptive equipment needed.  Or they may just use the school’s regular playground equipment.  Check with them for more info on this.


Does recess get cancelled in case of inclement weather or smoky skies?

Yes.  Recess will be moved indoors in case of inclement weather or high levels of smoke in the air, according to school protocol.  Midday Move still happens on those days—usually in the gymnasium.

Is the playground ADA Accessible?

Yes.  Each of the Midday Move playgrounds is ADA accessible and included primarily flat ground.  A portion of each playground is paved.

Who are the partners who work together to provide Midday Move?

United Way of Missoula County, Missoula Parks and Recreation, the Missoula Family YMCA, Missoula County Public Schools and 5210 Let’s Move! Missoula, an initiative of Missoula Public Health.


Who funds Midday Move?

Run Wild Missoula, UM Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities, 5210 Let’s Move! Missoula, Missoula Parks and Recreation, Alpine Physical Therapy, Western Montana Clinic and Mountain Kids Pediatrics.


What does the 5-2-1-0 in 5210 Let’s Move! Missoula Stand For?

It’s our daily recipe for health:  trying to eat 5 fruits or veggies each day, participating in 2 hour or less of recreational screen time, getting 1 hour of moderate- to vigorous physical activity and aiming for 0 sugary drinks per day.

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